simply in love

I am starting my first blog with a poem/love letter that am about to send through a normal post…so here it goes…

My heart that I have given you

Was never a fake one

It’s not perfect too…

It got scars and wounds

It’s an ugly sight I must tell you

My heart has been broken so many times

That I’ve even lost count

And yet it manages to be alive and strong,

That is, because of you.

There are things left unsaid yet it shows

Better not to know coz it  surely helps

With the process of healing…

But what’s important is now.

Past is gone – it made us what we are now.

Now and future matter,

That is, again because of you.

Each day is  a new day

Hopes are up…again it’s all because of  you

Each day am thanking God

You passed my way

What’s said and done …let’s forget them..,

And start a new journey

If that’s okay with you?

Does love really conquers all? The differences such as culture, religion, beliefs, personality and the distance.  I am engaged now in a long distance relationship. In seven months of being ‘us’, we have spend a total of fourteen days together physically.

It all started when my partner has passed away. We had been for almost five years. I have lost him through cancer, although I may say I was partly happy that he had moved on to a better place where there is no pain any more.  Everyday he was in pain and it hurts me that I can’t  help him – he was suffering much. But I have lost a big part of me – my world turned and moved around him. I was alone all of a sudden. In the midst of my pain and grieving, which I was trying hard to get out because I felt I was drowning, I was chatting to one of my partner’s cousins… someone I can vent out my feelings at that moment. However, he did not have much time and I wanted more time for someone to talk to me. Then I scrolled down my phone’s contact lists until I tried another of his cousins…and boom..we clicked. He gave me the time and I attention I was needing at that time.To cut the story short, after a month of chatting and talking through Viber and Skype, he decided he wanted to meet me. On his way back to Canada, he dropped by here in UK to meet me. It was a dreamy five days together. It was like a fairy tale kind of thing – as soon as we met it’s like we have known each other for a lifetime.We just blend instantly. And take note, this was just two months, after my partner passed away. There were loads of questions and yet I put it aside…we both just enjoyed6543    ourselves that much…and to be honest, I don’t really care because he made me feel I am alive and still exists. He made me fall in love again, that i never thought I can feel ever again.